Monday, 15 February 2016

6 wedding colour mistakes to avoid by all means

When you’ve gone through great lengths to cherry pick just about everything for your wedding, it’s beyond heartbreaking when the end result looks like a circus. Mismatching and clashing colours can end up being a major wedding boo-boo. But with a few things playing on the back of your mind as you pick your theme and colours, you can have yourself a visual candy of a wedding.
Really, loud colours. Sure we’re Indians. But that doesn’t mean that our colours need to be shouting over us for attention. They can do their own talking. This doesn’t mean you cannot use bright colours. But too many bright colours belong on macaws and not the setting of your wedding. A nice neutral background will really bring out the colours of your guests’ bright and shimmery attire; while a bright background can really make the bold solids of a white wedding really stand out.
Patterns going all over the place. Please don’t use every motif and every shape you fall in love with on Pinterest. If you’re going to be using vintage-inspired patterns, don’t suddenly bring something inspired by the 80’s pop culture into the picture.
Excessive colour palette. Which colour do you choose? Well, keep it minimal. Too many colours again, can make things look like the circus is in town.
Colours that don’t get along. Using strong colours together, end up making your wedding look like a comic book. Unless that happens to be the theme of your wedding, you don’t want that effect. Make sure the colours you choose for the ambience, your bridesmaids, your attire, your groomsmen and your family are in the same colour family.
Colours that don’t get along with the venue. Always take into account the venue. If it has its own character or not, what colours go best with the ambience, the theme, etc. And then choose your wedding colours accordingly.
Colours that are all wrong for the time of day. Some colours that work wonderfully under the sun sort of fade and wilt in artificial light. Soft colours look all dreamy in the day time and can look a little washed out during a night function. Always keep in mind the time of your function before choosing your colours.
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