Friday, 5 February 2016

Hair Care Tips For The Would Be Bride

No mater how grand or simple the hairstyle is, a perfectly done hair gives confidence to a woman.
So for a bride-to-be, an extremely essential one. Everybody would agree to this point that finding
the best designer suits for women is easier than getting a perfect hair cut and style. At the same
time a good looking hairstyle requires more than the best hair makeup artist in town. Let’s look at some of the hair care tips for gorgeous looking hair.

1. Understand your hair type

Quite often this happens to people that they perform hair care treatment without giving much importance knowing their hair type. But this is the integral part of a hair care process. Like our skin variations, the scalp is also different from oily to normal and dry. Get the help of an expert to determine your hair type and begin the care.

2. Suitable shampoo and conditioner

The shiny and silky looking hair of a bride is a beautiful thing to look at. The shampoo and
conditioner you select has a major role to play here. Try out few shampoo and conditioner options much prior to the wedding to check the smoothness that it provides to your hair. Choose the one that suits you best for that silky and wavy look.

3. Keep it natural

You might love streaks and colors on your hair. But during the wedding, it might not look as cool as it used to look before. It is always safe and better go natural with the hair, especially during the wedding. So get rid of those colors 6 to 8 months before the wedding day so that they can grow
back naturally.

4. Trim and shape in advance

It is important that you maintain a perfect hair cut for your face for the wedding look. It would look more natural if you cut it 3 or 4 months prior as it would grow back a bit to give it a natural glowing look.

5. Diet and spa

Like any other part of our body, hair also reflects what we eat. Consume food enriched with vitamins and minerals. Spa visits also would help you get rid of dandruff, if any, and will provide you healthy and glowing hair for the big day of your life.

For more tips and suggestions go through some consultants and stylists online, especially with appilyever beauty and hair consultants for better idea.

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