Saturday, 12 March 2016

The beginning of a long journey at the magnificent Goa

Goa is a pure bliss of nature, depicting the passionate exquisiteness of the majestic Arabian Sea.  The international tourist destination is the pride of the country with a lot of hidden wonders. Goa is lovers’ paradise on earth as there is romance in the air.
Goa grabs the first place in everyone’s bucket list when it comes to travel. And for a couple, there is nothing more beautiful than Goa to fall in love. The spectacular beaches and laid back ambience are the perfect combination for a honey moon destination.
1.      Baga Beach
The center of attraction, Baga beach can be called the heart of Goa. Situated in the North Goa, Baga beach is the best place to access almost anything and everything from your hotels, restaurants, markets to water sports, and clubbing places. The spectacular view of the sea from Baga is priceless.
2.      Palolem Beach
If you want to spend some couple at a place that is less crowded, serene, and spectacular, then Palolem beach is your destination. Situated in South Goa, Palolem is a fishermen’s hamlet and often less crowded. The breathtaking sunset view from the beach is a visual treat for anyone.
3.      Colava Beach
A must visit place in Goa, Colava beach is a synonym for splendour. The 2.4 kilometer long white powdery sand beach is not only extravagant, but also safe to go for water sports. The place is noted as a favourite spot among foreigners and locals. There is nothing more romantic than a lazy swimming experience in the sea for a couple.
4.      Old Goan Churches
The real beauty of Goa unwinds when you visit these old churches and monuments of the past. There are many historical remaining that can be seen at Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Cabo De Rama Fort, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Dona Paula and so on.
5.      Cheap shopping places
If you are a shopaholic, Goa has the best treasure for you. You can find trendy apparels and accessories for very cheap rate markets in various places. Especially Anjuna Market, Mapusa Market and Arpora Market are very famous among travelers for a better shopping experience. If you have the best bargaining skills, then you can shop like a pro in these places.
6.      Exquisite Goan Cuisine

Goa can be the ideal place if you love seafood. The gigantic variety of seafood at this place can make you go crazy. There are many restaurants throughout Goa that offers authentic Goan delicacies. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Bangalore’s Best Designer Boutiques For The Groom

What is the most difficult thing during a wedding, especially for the bride and groom? Undoubtedly it is the selection of their costumes for the big day. There will be an abundance of suggestions from family, friends, neighbors, and even colleagues. And ultimately the two reach nowhere but get even more confused. Other than this, people usually think that the costumes of women are more confusing. Well, we have a different opinion about this, that the selection of wedding dress for men is equally confusing.  So let’s put an end to all these confusions and check out some cool designer studios in the garden city, Bangalore for the wedding attire.

1.     The Collective
If you are looking for a spectacular outfit for your wedding day, do not hesitate to pay a visit to this studio. Collective has a wide range of men’s apparel, matching with the contemporary and global fashion trends. This place is famous for its Western outfit collection, especially in the men’s section. But they do have the ethnic wear part to fulfil your requirements during the entire wedding ceremonies. Their accessories collection is also huge and diverse.

2.     Prestige – The Man Store
Prestige has a legacy to unfold in the men’s fashion world. A small venture started in the year 1956 by Mr. Razack Sattar, became the top-notch fashion destination Bangalore. Mr. Noaman Razack, son of the founder, took it another level when he collaborated with other biggies in the industry. And currently this place stands as the one stop solution for men’s clothing requirement of any kind.

3.     Paresh Lamba Signatures
Paresh Lamba, a distinguished designer in the industry, established his venture Paresh Lamba Signatures 17 years ago. A talented artist and a creative genius, Paresh have changed the fashion trends in men’s apparel. As the name of his studio suggests, his fashion statements are truly unique and undoubtedly praiseworthy.

4.     Meraj Designer Studio

If you are looking for Indian ethnic wear, then your quest shall end at the Meraj studio. A prominent name in the Bangalore fashion industry, Meraj Studio was founded by Haji Sayeed ur-Rehman in the year 1988. Later, his son Mr. Meraj Anwar took over the establishment and provided and fresh and enhanced look and feel for the business. And today Meraj stands as an exemplar in the Indian ethnic and bridal wear. The studio is indeed the right place for your wedding attire shopping.

Makeup Tips For The South Indian Brides

Whether it is true or not, people often say that Indian brides look ravishing and colourful in their bridal attire. One thing is for sure that our brides portray the beauty of our art and tradition. As we all know we are a very diverse country with en number of different cultures and followings. Our weddings are no different.

SouthIndian brides look ultimately gorgeous in their silk sarees with a combination of golden jewelry and some fresh flowers. Although the Indian bridal dresses are known to be very colourful and grand, south Indian bridal wears are a bit more classy and elegant. Well, coming to the makeup part, the south Indian brides should be little careful as they have a makeup the goes well with the golden ornaments and the silk sarees.

1.     You have to consider while looking for your makeup that it shall match your outfit and the jewelry. This should comprise your makeup for the face, eyes, lips and neck area. If your chosen attire and jewelry are in abundance of colors, then you may have to use colors in your makeup that can compliment your overall look. If you have dusky skin tone, then go for the bright colors like red and coral as they can do wonders on you.

2.     Generally for south Indian weddings, multiple attire changes are common. So we would like to suggest that, you can stick to colors like gold, bronze, neutral shades of pink and brown. Also, do not forget to highlight your features, especially your eyes.

3.     Keeping the moisture of your lips are very important. So go for a lipstick that may last longer and keep applying lip balms whenever needed.

4.     Concealer is a bride’s magic wand. It can hide all the unwanted things from your face such as the darkness around the eyes, acnes, marks, blackheads and so on. Just make sure that you are using a crème based concealer to avoid the dryness.

5.     Selecting the right matching foundation is a very risky thing. Because foundations can go either perfect or totally wrong on you. So select the perfectly matching foundation for your skin tone to avoid the over bright look. It would be better if you go for waterproof products as they can last long without leaving you look greasy.

Apart from the makeup, it is also very essential that you should relax your mind and body to have the charm you are expecting. Get a sound sleep and wake up fresh...