Monday, 15 February 2016

6 wedding colour mistakes to avoid by all means

When you’ve gone through great lengths to cherry pick just about everything for your wedding, it’s beyond heartbreaking when the end result looks like a circus. Mismatching and clashing colours can end up being a major wedding boo-boo. But with a few things playing on the back of your mind as you pick your theme and colours, you can have yourself a visual candy of a wedding.
Really, loud colours. Sure we’re Indians. But that doesn’t mean that our colours need to be shouting over us for attention. They can do their own talking. This doesn’t mean you cannot use bright colours. But too many bright colours belong on macaws and not the setting of your wedding. A nice neutral background will really bring out the colours of your guests’ bright and shimmery attire; while a bright background can really make the bold solids of a white wedding really stand out.
Patterns going all over the place. Please don’t use every motif and every shape you fall in love with on Pinterest. If you’re going to be using vintage-inspired patterns, don’t suddenly bring something inspired by the 80’s pop culture into the picture.
Excessive colour palette. Which colour do you choose? Well, keep it minimal. Too many colours again, can make things look like the circus is in town.
Colours that don’t get along. Using strong colours together, end up making your wedding look like a comic book. Unless that happens to be the theme of your wedding, you don’t want that effect. Make sure the colours you choose for the ambience, your bridesmaids, your attire, your groomsmen and your family are in the same colour family.
Colours that don’t get along with the venue. Always take into account the venue. If it has its own character or not, what colours go best with the ambience, the theme, etc. And then choose your wedding colours accordingly.
Colours that are all wrong for the time of day. Some colours that work wonderfully under the sun sort of fade and wilt in artificial light. Soft colours look all dreamy in the day time and can look a little washed out during a night function. Always keep in mind the time of your function before choosing your colours.
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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Few Essential Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t want to look good? Especially on your wedding day; you have to look the best. Well, looking good not always mean to put on the makeup just randomly, indeed makeup is an art. You just need to know the right amount to get the right look you always wanted to pull off.

A great Indian bridal hairstyle, wonderful outfit, and stunning jewelry would all make you look gorgeous. But everyone would agree on this point that it is your eyes, which gives the glow on your face. Eyes communicate and spread your inner happiness. While keeping that in mind, getting a regular eye makeup done on your special day is just not enough. You need to pamper your eyes as well to add more gorgeousness to it. Let’s take a look at some tips which you have to follow while finishing your eye makeup.

1.Waterproof your makeup

On your wedding day it is essential to get the striking eye makeup done. But keeping it the same all through the day is even more important. For that you need to waterproof it. A Waterproof mascara is a must as it lasts longer and withstands tears.

2.Line it right

Choosing the best suited eye liner is extremely crucial. Navy, Charcoal, or Mahogany is the best options to go for. Often black or brown liner may look too harsh, especially if you are planning an outdoor or daytime wedding.

3.Lighten it

An eye makeup is incomplete without a proper eyebrow make up. To lighten up the area, use a while shadow as a highlighter if you have a light skin tone. If your skin tone is deeper, use a light peach or vanilla shade.

4.Shape it up

Giving you shape to the eyes are very important. So do outline your eyes and make sure to not use any sort of dark color.

5.Shade the brows

And last but not the least; do not forget to shade your eyebrows. It is advisable to shade them with an eyebrow pencil or with a shadow that matches the color of your hair.

The beauty of your makeup on your special day lies in the hands of a beauty expert. It is indeed a crucial thing that should be on your checklist. Your wedding planner shall definitely have contacts of the best expert in town. Do remember to get them on board to make you look gorgeous and spectacular. 

Honeymoon in God’s own country

A foggy, cold morning walk, a breathtaking sunset on a scenic beach, candlelight dinner with romantic music; the never ending tale of a love story could not begin with anything better than this. A perfect honeymoon is a journey to connect two souls and weave  a relationship for a lifetime.

Who is going to set the romantic mood in this beautiful journey; it is definitely the place. Maybe that is the reason couple spend more time in searching for the ideal honeymoon destination than on their wedding planning. The following section might reduce your task a bit as we are going to take you through such a spectacular place on the earth.

Often known as the god’s own country, Kerala is undeniably a paradise for the newly married. The specialty about this land is that from mountains, beaches, valleys, to backwaters, cities; it combines everything that you might want to explore.


The lush tea gardens, white mist, and cold mornings make this place the first choice among couple for their honeymoon. The misty morning sunshine on the window will leave you with a picturesque memory to hold on forever.


The magnificent backwaters of Kerala will take you on a romantic cruise to fill a fresh element of love in your life. The journey in a houseboat on the calm backwaters can be a dream come true moment of your life.


Are you looking for a relaxed place to spend the time with your partner hand in hand. Then Kovalam should be on your bucket list. A place with spectacular beaches, will let you experience the magical lights of a sunset.


If you are looking for nature, greenery, a bit of adventure, and prefect rejuvenating time; the book your tickets to Thekkady. The lush green forests of the land have the perfect formula for your love to grow and flourish.


The majestic mountains of Western Ghats offer you a splendid experience in Vagamon. Another wonderful place to walk hand in hand amidst orchid meadows and pine forests. Take time to enjoy the well known Ayurveda and spa sessions of the god’s own country to spruce up your mind and body.

There are en number of places in Kerala that can be your best honeymoon destination. Mark these places on your diary, pack your bags and start your journey for a lifetime.

Exotic Locations In India For A Perfect Destination Wedding

“Will you marry me?” “Yes!!!” May be the best romantic moment of lifetime. Let’s go through some of the jaw dropping locations in India for your perfect wedding.

1.Udaipur – for the royal weddings

If you are looking at a ‘dream come true’ sort of experience for your wedding, then stop thinking and go to Udaipur. Udaipur, the most stunning place in Rajasthan, is simply the best place for a royal, yet traditional Indian wedding. The majestic places of Udaipur will add the royal grandeur to your dream wedding.

2.Kerala – Wedding in the God’s own country

The scenic beauty of Kerala can fulfil your dream of a wedding in the lap of nature. From the perfect beaches to the lush greenery, Kerala offers you the ideal location for the grand ceremony.

3.Andaman and Nicobar Islands – spectacular beaches

If you are looking at a gratifying and romantic beginning to your new life, then ask your wedding planner to right away arrange things for the wedding at Andaman. Not even the wedding, you can plan for a romantic honeymoon also in this outstanding location.

4.Shimla – The hill station wedding

Peaceful environment, pleasant weather, snowy hills, astounding scenery and natural beauty of Shimla will simply make your wedding day memorable forever. Shimla could be the best destination for those who extremely loves to enjoy being surrounded by mountains and dream a romantic wedding in the Himalayas.

5.Agra – the lovers’ delight

Agra is often known as a symbol of love. What else could be the right for the beginning of a relationship bounded with love. With its exotic and lovely ambience, couples love to tie the knot at this historical place, so that they can remember this beautiful moment and cherish it for a long time.

6.Hyderabad – wedding in the Nizam grandeur

The city is famous for beautiful pearls and Nizami culture. The palaces in Hyderabad are awesomely grand, and can be the ideal destination for the auspicious day.

7.Goa – Love is in the air

Last but not the least, Goa is the paradise where people fall in love and their love flourishes in the universe. They say marriages are made in heaven, but to be frank, Goa is actually that heaven where you should get married. The shimmering beaches and the breathtaking sunsets, will be your dream come true.You know what, these place are even noted as the best honeymoon destinations in the country. We hope you got the connection.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Hair Care Tips For The Would Be Bride

No mater how grand or simple the hairstyle is, a perfectly done hair gives confidence to a woman.
So for a bride-to-be, an extremely essential one. Everybody would agree to this point that finding
the best designer suits for women is easier than getting a perfect hair cut and style. At the same
time a good looking hairstyle requires more than the best hair makeup artist in town. Let’s look at some of the hair care tips for gorgeous looking hair.

1. Understand your hair type

Quite often this happens to people that they perform hair care treatment without giving much importance knowing their hair type. But this is the integral part of a hair care process. Like our skin variations, the scalp is also different from oily to normal and dry. Get the help of an expert to determine your hair type and begin the care.

2. Suitable shampoo and conditioner

The shiny and silky looking hair of a bride is a beautiful thing to look at. The shampoo and
conditioner you select has a major role to play here. Try out few shampoo and conditioner options much prior to the wedding to check the smoothness that it provides to your hair. Choose the one that suits you best for that silky and wavy look.

3. Keep it natural

You might love streaks and colors on your hair. But during the wedding, it might not look as cool as it used to look before. It is always safe and better go natural with the hair, especially during the wedding. So get rid of those colors 6 to 8 months before the wedding day so that they can grow
back naturally.

4. Trim and shape in advance

It is important that you maintain a perfect hair cut for your face for the wedding look. It would look more natural if you cut it 3 or 4 months prior as it would grow back a bit to give it a natural glowing look.

5. Diet and spa

Like any other part of our body, hair also reflects what we eat. Consume food enriched with vitamins and minerals. Spa visits also would help you get rid of dandruff, if any, and will provide you healthy and glowing hair for the big day of your life.

For more tips and suggestions go through some consultants and stylists online, especially with appilyever beauty and hair consultants for better idea.