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The Uniqueness of a Traditional Jain Wedding

India is a land of diversities. Be it our culture, tradition, language, food habits etc. we are unique and different in our own ways. The same rule applies when it comes to marriages as well. In fact, these diversities make it more beautiful and colourful. Let’s have a look at a Jain wedding and the ceremonies that they follow.
Pre Wedding Rituals
1.      Lakhna Lekhan
Lakhna Lekhan marks the beginning of a Jain wedding where a Puja is held at the bride’s house to decide an auspicious time to conduct the wedding and they send it to the groom’s home.
2.      Sagai
Sagai is the engagement ceremony which usually takes place at the groom’s house. The bride’s brother or any family member offers loads of gifts to the groom. The Lakhna Patrika will be read out after Sagai and the wedding day preparations begin afterwards including the wedding decorations.
3.      Mada Mandap
This ritual takes place in houses of both bride and groom on the day of the wedding. After the Puja the Barat, the groom and his family, starts from their place to the wedding venue. The bride’s brother welcomes the groom and both of them apply with Tika on each other’s forehead.
Wedding Rituals
4.      Kanyavaran
After the welcome ceremonies, the groom enters the wedding mandap and the bride arrives to the mandap. Either the bride’s parents or the maternal uncle performs the Kanyavaran where he places 1 rupee 25 paise and rice on the bride’s right hand. They offer her hand to the groom’s hand amidst the mantras.
5.      Granthi Bandhan
Granthi Bandhan is usually performed by a married woman. She will tie the bride’s saree pallu with the groom’s shawl. The knot is called Bandhan and it is tied for the Phera ceremony. This ritual is followed by the mangalsutra where the groom ties a chain around his lady’s neck.

6.      Phera
Phere is considered as the most significant part of any Indian wedding. Here the bride and the groom walk seven rounds against the holy fire. While taking the Phera, the couple agrees on 7 promises to make their married life happy and long lasting.
7.      Mangal Geet
Mangal Geet is the auspicious song sung by the ladies gathered for the wedding. The Mangal geet bring in an atmosphere of joy and delight, basically performed to relax the couple. While they are singing, he applies Sindoor on her forehead and the couple exchange garlands, which marks the end of the wedding ceremony.

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Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with strong passion. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication specialised in social media communication. She is a travel enthusiast who likes to write travelogues of places that she explores.

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The Ultimate Spa Centres in Hyderabad for your Pre-Bridal Treatment

Who doesn’t want to be the centre of attraction, especially if it is your wedding day? That stunning makeover of a bride during their wedding is truly breathtaking for the onlookers.
However, many a time most of the brides’ efforts turn ineffective due to various factors. Your makeup might be perfect; you might have the best designer wedding dress, even though, you are unable to achieve that gorgeous look. This is the result of skipping the pre-bridal treatments. So let us introduce to you some of the premiere spa centres in Hyderabad for your crucial pre-bridal treatments.
1.      Jiva Spa
If you want to pamper yourself in a royal style, then Jiva Spa by the Taj Falaknumma is the destination. The then place now converted into a fine resort, Taj Falaknumma is elegant, charming and glorious in every possible manner, so as their Jiva Spa. They have the finest pre-bridal treatment packages that cover different sets of requirements. The majestic beauty of the place itself gives you a completed rejuvenated feeling. And obviously, they have the best therapists to take care and pamper your body and mind.
2.      O2 Spa
The O2 Spa centre is renowned among those who love themselves and understand the fact that, your inner beauty reflects on the out body. Experts say that, if a person’s mind is happy and relaxed, they tend to be more effective and pleasant. This is exactly what a spa does. Particularly if you are a bride-to-be, you definitely want your mind and body to be relaxed. O2 Spa centre offers you wellness through their various spa treatments.
3.      Aura Spa
The luxurious Aura Spa of The Park Hyderabad is a pure wonder to whoever visit this place. Inspired by the diamonds from the Golconda region, the opulent interiors of the spa reflect sumptuousness. The skilled therapists of Aura Spa promises you a complete makeover in your body and mind. They even have special bridal packages to enchant the dazzling bride-to-be.
4.      Thai Sabai Wellness Spa
The first word that comes to our mind when we say wellness centre is Thai spa treatments. The healing and transforming capacity of Thai spa is globally acknowledged. The age old legacy of Thai Sabai wellness treatments is being followed by this particular spa. Apart from being a mere massaging centre, Thai Sabai wellness spa takes care of your inner body wellness along with the beauty treatments. What else is required for a bride-to-be to look ravishingly beautiful on her big day!!!
Author Bio
Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with strong passion. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication specialised in social media communication. She is a travel enthusiast who likes to write travelogues of places that she explores.

The Picturesque Beauties of Himachal Pradesh

What is the perfect way to begin a new bond? The answer is very simple; go for a trip with them. Well, in that case we need not say much about the importance of a trip for the newlywed couple. And today we are going to talk about the most romantic places in Himachal Pradesh for your perfect honeymoon.
1.      Shimla
We often tell people that when you are in search of the best honeymoon destination, before booking an abroad trip, do not forget to research about your own country. India has an enormous amount of breathtaking places both crowded and secluded. Well, Shimla falls under the crowded category as it is the capital city of the state. But it is also known as a honeymooners’ paradise for the obvious reasons. The beautiful hill station should definitely be on your bucket list.
2.      Manali
If you are a regular Bollywood follower, then you would surely know that Manali is spectacular and adventurous. The snowy hill station is famous among couples and few adventure seekers. Manali is the famous place for skiing in the country. The beautiful mountain terrains of this place are simply amazing.
3.      Dalhousie
Dalhousie is a place which is beyond words.  The colonial charm of the place is going to be a different experience for the newlywed. The place is named after the British Governor General Lord Dalhousie. This is a comparatively less crowded area as there is not much scope for any activity in this place. The beauty of this place is the magic of nature and picturesque view like Chamba Valley that it provides to its visitors. 
4.      Kullu
Kullu Valley is another magnificent location in Himachal Pradesh, which attracts more and more tourists every year. Known as the perfect summer escape, Kullu is a place to be visited once in your lifetime. The entire valley is accompanied by the Beas River. The apple orchards of Kullu Valley are without doubt a wonderful place for romance.
5.      Chamba
After Manali, you may find the crowd of tourists in Chamba. Though it attracts a lot of tourists, the natural beauty of this place is still the name; thanks to the caretakers of this place. And this could be the reason that whoever visits Himachal, never leaves without a trip to Chamba. At Chamba Valley, you can experience nature in its purest form. A must visit place for all the newlywed couples.
Author Bio
Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with strong passion. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication specialised in social media communication. She is a travel enthusiast who likes to write travelogues of places that she explores.

Mumbai’s beloved hair stylists

The ultimate diva look is the dream of very bride-to-be. There are many factors which should go hand in hand to get you the perfect bridal look on your wedding day. Among that, the hairstyle that you prefer for the big day plays a key role as it can either elevate or lower your entire outlook. So let’s check out some of those exponentially talented hairstylists from Mumbai, who can make your dream come true.
1.      Savio Pereira
Savio Pereira is a veteran in the field of hairstyling with 12 years of experience. His top-notch salon called ‘Up-Scale’ is a chill out place more than a salon. The cozy environment with an attached bar is definitely an avant-grade idea that attracts more and more customers. Savio was even the creative brand ambassador of products like L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf.
2.      Vikas Marwa
Vikas Marwa is the true follower of innovation. With his matchless skills he proved it to the world that hairstyle is the key in any fashion statement. His trendy and new age approach makes him the favourite for ad campaigns, ramp shows and big fat weddings.
3.      Sapna Bhavnani
Sapna Bhavnani is the brand ambassador of that perfect Indian bridal hairstyle. She is also known as the celebrity hairstylist of the town. Though she loves to adapt the global trends, the typical traditional wedding hair makeup is also very safe in her hands.
4.      Nalini
Two friends, Nalini and Yasmin, wanted to pursue their passion in the field of hairstyling. Their dedication and efforts helped them set up their own salon 35 years back. And now they are one the most talked about stylists in the town. If you are looking for a complete makeover with your hair, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Nalini  and Yasmin.
5.      Harish Bhatia
Harish Bahtia’a name has been quite famous in Mumbai since 1968. Though he did not receive any professional training to be a hair stylist, it is his passion that drives him and teaches him. Be it a traditional bridal hair style or a chic style hair do, Harish Bhatia will be your perfect choice.
6.      Jean Claude Biguine
Even if you don’t know much about hair styles, French braids are commonly known by all us. The international salon based out of France, Jean Claude Biguine is one among Mumbai’s top-notch salons. What else do you want for your big day makeup when you have the best international salon in your town?

Author Bio
Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with strong passion. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication specialised in social media communication. She is a travel enthusiast who likes to write travelogues of places that she explores.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Delhi’s most wanted candid wedding photographers

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything” – Aaron Siskind. Photos and videos work as a locker that can carry an abundance of wealth in the form of memories.
We are going to introduce you to some of the excellent photographers in Delhi for your candid wedding.

1.      Arjun Kartha Photography
Arjun Kartha has been a well known name in the industry with a long time experience. Arjun Kartha Photography was founded by Arjun and his wife, who is also a passionate photographer. Be it a traditional wedding or a candid wedding, the mesmerising magic of Arjun’s photos and videos can elevate the elegance of your wedding.

2.      Dipak Studios
Dipak Studios is quite famous among the celebrities for their fineness.  The young and enthusiastic group of photographers from Dipak Studios will make your big day even more precious through their lens. Their experience in the industry makes them the perfect choice for your perfect wedding.

3.      Phototantra
Like their name, Phototantra is unique and different from the contemporaries with their new age approach to photography. Within a very short span of time, Phototantra were successful in creating a niche for themselves through their matchless work. If you want to look amazingly stunning in your designer gown on your big day, then Phototantra is your best choice.

4.      Rajesh Luthra Photography
A market leader and a tough competition to its contemporaries, Rajesh Luthra Photography is a favorite of the people of Delhi. Rajesh Luthra’s approach towards photography is different from others. When most people think of beautifying their photos, Rajesh Luthra focuses on capturing the emotions. He is undoubtedly a perfect choice for your wedding day.

5.      Sharik verma
If you are looking for a wedding film, which is elegant and classy, then Sharik Verma is the photographer that you are looking for. His works showcase the magic of colors. The couple shoot segment Sharik Verma photography is renowned because of its grant cinematic appeal.
If you want to explore more options regarding wedding photographers, there are many online websites which may help you get better results. You can check out the AppilyEver website for such information and also get a consultation from their experts. Not only that, they even have some excellent wedding photography packages for your big day.

Author Bio
Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with strong passion. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication specialised in social media communication. She is a travel enthusiast who likes to write travelogues of places that she explores. 

Indian weddings and the ‘Haldi’ ceremony

‘Haldi’ or turmeric holds great importance in Indian cuisine. Not only in the food, but turmeric is considered as a sacred spice in India. Its anti-inflammatory qualities and other healing properties have increased its medicinal value. And during weddings, this amazing spice has an entire ceremony on its name. As per the ancient texts and beliefs, there is an importance for every ritual that forms a part of the Indian wedding, including the Haldi ceremony.
A couple of days prior to the wedding, the Haldi takes place at both the bride’s house and the groom’s house. During the ceremony, the turmeric paste – a mix of rose water, turmeric, and sandalwood powder – will be applied to the bride and groom by their family, relatives and friends. The air is funfilled and playful with the whole family gathered around.
The bride and groom will also get the opportunity to apply the paste on their unmarried cousins and friend. It is said that, whoever gets it haldi all over, will soon get to hear the wedding bells.
During conventional Haldi ceremonies, the gatherers will sing traditional songs accompanied by traditional music instruments. And according to the traditional rules, the bride and groom are not supposed to meet each other, post their respective Haldi ceremonies until the wedding.
Why so much of importance to the Haldi ceremony
Most people believe that applying Haldi on the bride and the groom will ward off the evil. This is also the reason that the bride and groom are not allowed to leave home after Haldi. So the haldi is said to protect both of them from evil during these wedding days.
As per the beliefs, the auspicious yellow is color will bring prosperity in the life of the new couple. From the ancient times, the usage of turmeric as a beauty product for healthy and glowing skin. Not only as a beauty product, due to its antiseptic properties, it also ensures that the couple is protected against any cuts, bruises or ailments before the wedding.
Apart from all the cultural and medicinal side of the function, Haldi ceremony provides the bride and groom relaxation from their obvious nervousness regarding their grand wedding day. Moreover, the presence of friends and dear ones turn out the occasion into a festival. So, it is a good way to relieve the wedding day anxiety and jitters.
So find out the best wedding planners near you and make them organize the best Hldi ceremony for your wedding.

Author Bio

Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with strong passion. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication specialised in social media communication. She is a travel enthusiast who likes to write travelogues of places that she explores.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

The beginning of a long journey at the magnificent Goa

Goa is a pure bliss of nature, depicting the passionate exquisiteness of the majestic Arabian Sea.  The international tourist destination is the pride of the country with a lot of hidden wonders. Goa is lovers’ paradise on earth as there is romance in the air.
Goa grabs the first place in everyone’s bucket list when it comes to travel. And for a couple, there is nothing more beautiful than Goa to fall in love. The spectacular beaches and laid back ambience are the perfect combination for a honey moon destination.
1.      Baga Beach
The center of attraction, Baga beach can be called the heart of Goa. Situated in the North Goa, Baga beach is the best place to access almost anything and everything from your hotels, restaurants, markets to water sports, and clubbing places. The spectacular view of the sea from Baga is priceless.
2.      Palolem Beach
If you want to spend some couple at a place that is less crowded, serene, and spectacular, then Palolem beach is your destination. Situated in South Goa, Palolem is a fishermen’s hamlet and often less crowded. The breathtaking sunset view from the beach is a visual treat for anyone.
3.      Colava Beach
A must visit place in Goa, Colava beach is a synonym for splendour. The 2.4 kilometer long white powdery sand beach is not only extravagant, but also safe to go for water sports. The place is noted as a favourite spot among foreigners and locals. There is nothing more romantic than a lazy swimming experience in the sea for a couple.
4.      Old Goan Churches
The real beauty of Goa unwinds when you visit these old churches and monuments of the past. There are many historical remaining that can be seen at Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Cabo De Rama Fort, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Dona Paula and so on.
5.      Cheap shopping places
If you are a shopaholic, Goa has the best treasure for you. You can find trendy apparels and accessories for very cheap rate markets in various places. Especially Anjuna Market, Mapusa Market and Arpora Market are very famous among travelers for a better shopping experience. If you have the best bargaining skills, then you can shop like a pro in these places.
6.      Exquisite Goan Cuisine

Goa can be the ideal place if you love seafood. The gigantic variety of seafood at this place can make you go crazy. There are many restaurants throughout Goa that offers authentic Goan delicacies. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Bangalore’s Best Designer Boutiques For The Groom

What is the most difficult thing during a wedding, especially for the bride and groom? Undoubtedly it is the selection of their costumes for the big day. There will be an abundance of suggestions from family, friends, neighbors, and even colleagues. And ultimately the two reach nowhere but get even more confused. Other than this, people usually think that the costumes of women are more confusing. Well, we have a different opinion about this, that the selection of wedding dress for men is equally confusing.  So let’s put an end to all these confusions and check out some cool designer studios in the garden city, Bangalore for the wedding attire.

1.     The Collective
If you are looking for a spectacular outfit for your wedding day, do not hesitate to pay a visit to this studio. Collective has a wide range of men’s apparel, matching with the contemporary and global fashion trends. This place is famous for its Western outfit collection, especially in the men’s section. But they do have the ethnic wear part to fulfil your requirements during the entire wedding ceremonies. Their accessories collection is also huge and diverse.

2.     Prestige – The Man Store
Prestige has a legacy to unfold in the men’s fashion world. A small venture started in the year 1956 by Mr. Razack Sattar, became the top-notch fashion destination Bangalore. Mr. Noaman Razack, son of the founder, took it another level when he collaborated with other biggies in the industry. And currently this place stands as the one stop solution for men’s clothing requirement of any kind.

3.     Paresh Lamba Signatures
Paresh Lamba, a distinguished designer in the industry, established his venture Paresh Lamba Signatures 17 years ago. A talented artist and a creative genius, Paresh have changed the fashion trends in men’s apparel. As the name of his studio suggests, his fashion statements are truly unique and undoubtedly praiseworthy.

4.     Meraj Designer Studio

If you are looking for Indian ethnic wear, then your quest shall end at the Meraj studio. A prominent name in the Bangalore fashion industry, Meraj Studio was founded by Haji Sayeed ur-Rehman in the year 1988. Later, his son Mr. Meraj Anwar took over the establishment and provided and fresh and enhanced look and feel for the business. And today Meraj stands as an exemplar in the Indian ethnic and bridal wear. The studio is indeed the right place for your wedding attire shopping.