Saturday, 6 February 2016

Few Essential Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t want to look good? Especially on your wedding day; you have to look the best. Well, looking good not always mean to put on the makeup just randomly, indeed makeup is an art. You just need to know the right amount to get the right look you always wanted to pull off.

A great Indian bridal hairstyle, wonderful outfit, and stunning jewelry would all make you look gorgeous. But everyone would agree on this point that it is your eyes, which gives the glow on your face. Eyes communicate and spread your inner happiness. While keeping that in mind, getting a regular eye makeup done on your special day is just not enough. You need to pamper your eyes as well to add more gorgeousness to it. Let’s take a look at some tips which you have to follow while finishing your eye makeup.

1.Waterproof your makeup

On your wedding day it is essential to get the striking eye makeup done. But keeping it the same all through the day is even more important. For that you need to waterproof it. A Waterproof mascara is a must as it lasts longer and withstands tears.

2.Line it right

Choosing the best suited eye liner is extremely crucial. Navy, Charcoal, or Mahogany is the best options to go for. Often black or brown liner may look too harsh, especially if you are planning an outdoor or daytime wedding.

3.Lighten it

An eye makeup is incomplete without a proper eyebrow make up. To lighten up the area, use a while shadow as a highlighter if you have a light skin tone. If your skin tone is deeper, use a light peach or vanilla shade.

4.Shape it up

Giving you shape to the eyes are very important. So do outline your eyes and make sure to not use any sort of dark color.

5.Shade the brows

And last but not the least; do not forget to shade your eyebrows. It is advisable to shade them with an eyebrow pencil or with a shadow that matches the color of your hair.

The beauty of your makeup on your special day lies in the hands of a beauty expert. It is indeed a crucial thing that should be on your checklist. Your wedding planner shall definitely have contacts of the best expert in town. Do remember to get them on board to make you look gorgeous and spectacular. 

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