Friday, 4 March 2016

Makeup Tips For The South Indian Brides

Whether it is true or not, people often say that Indian brides look ravishing and colourful in their bridal attire. One thing is for sure that our brides portray the beauty of our art and tradition. As we all know we are a very diverse country with en number of different cultures and followings. Our weddings are no different.

SouthIndian brides look ultimately gorgeous in their silk sarees with a combination of golden jewelry and some fresh flowers. Although the Indian bridal dresses are known to be very colourful and grand, south Indian bridal wears are a bit more classy and elegant. Well, coming to the makeup part, the south Indian brides should be little careful as they have a makeup the goes well with the golden ornaments and the silk sarees.

1.     You have to consider while looking for your makeup that it shall match your outfit and the jewelry. This should comprise your makeup for the face, eyes, lips and neck area. If your chosen attire and jewelry are in abundance of colors, then you may have to use colors in your makeup that can compliment your overall look. If you have dusky skin tone, then go for the bright colors like red and coral as they can do wonders on you.

2.     Generally for south Indian weddings, multiple attire changes are common. So we would like to suggest that, you can stick to colors like gold, bronze, neutral shades of pink and brown. Also, do not forget to highlight your features, especially your eyes.

3.     Keeping the moisture of your lips are very important. So go for a lipstick that may last longer and keep applying lip balms whenever needed.

4.     Concealer is a bride’s magic wand. It can hide all the unwanted things from your face such as the darkness around the eyes, acnes, marks, blackheads and so on. Just make sure that you are using a crème based concealer to avoid the dryness.

5.     Selecting the right matching foundation is a very risky thing. Because foundations can go either perfect or totally wrong on you. So select the perfectly matching foundation for your skin tone to avoid the over bright look. It would be better if you go for waterproof products as they can last long without leaving you look greasy.

Apart from the makeup, it is also very essential that you should relax your mind and body to have the charm you are expecting. Get a sound sleep and wake up fresh...

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