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The Uniqueness of a Traditional Jain Wedding

India is a land of diversities. Be it our culture, tradition, language, food habits etc. we are unique and different in our own ways. The same rule applies when it comes to marriages as well. In fact, these diversities make it more beautiful and colourful. Let’s have a look at a Jain wedding and the ceremonies that they follow.
Pre Wedding Rituals
1.      Lakhna Lekhan
Lakhna Lekhan marks the beginning of a Jain wedding where a Puja is held at the bride’s house to decide an auspicious time to conduct the wedding and they send it to the groom’s home.
2.      Sagai
Sagai is the engagement ceremony which usually takes place at the groom’s house. The bride’s brother or any family member offers loads of gifts to the groom. The Lakhna Patrika will be read out after Sagai and the wedding day preparations begin afterwards including the wedding decorations.
3.      Mada Mandap
This ritual takes place in houses of both bride and groom on the day of the wedding. After the Puja the Barat, the groom and his family, starts from their place to the wedding venue. The bride’s brother welcomes the groom and both of them apply with Tika on each other’s forehead.
Wedding Rituals
4.      Kanyavaran
After the welcome ceremonies, the groom enters the wedding mandap and the bride arrives to the mandap. Either the bride’s parents or the maternal uncle performs the Kanyavaran where he places 1 rupee 25 paise and rice on the bride’s right hand. They offer her hand to the groom’s hand amidst the mantras.
5.      Granthi Bandhan
Granthi Bandhan is usually performed by a married woman. She will tie the bride’s saree pallu with the groom’s shawl. The knot is called Bandhan and it is tied for the Phera ceremony. This ritual is followed by the mangalsutra where the groom ties a chain around his lady’s neck.

6.      Phera
Phere is considered as the most significant part of any Indian wedding. Here the bride and the groom walk seven rounds against the holy fire. While taking the Phera, the couple agrees on 7 promises to make their married life happy and long lasting.
7.      Mangal Geet
Mangal Geet is the auspicious song sung by the ladies gathered for the wedding. The Mangal geet bring in an atmosphere of joy and delight, basically performed to relax the couple. While they are singing, he applies Sindoor on her forehead and the couple exchange garlands, which marks the end of the wedding ceremony.

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