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Indian weddings and the ‘Haldi’ ceremony

‘Haldi’ or turmeric holds great importance in Indian cuisine. Not only in the food, but turmeric is considered as a sacred spice in India. Its anti-inflammatory qualities and other healing properties have increased its medicinal value. And during weddings, this amazing spice has an entire ceremony on its name. As per the ancient texts and beliefs, there is an importance for every ritual that forms a part of the Indian wedding, including the Haldi ceremony.
A couple of days prior to the wedding, the Haldi takes place at both the bride’s house and the groom’s house. During the ceremony, the turmeric paste – a mix of rose water, turmeric, and sandalwood powder – will be applied to the bride and groom by their family, relatives and friends. The air is funfilled and playful with the whole family gathered around.
The bride and groom will also get the opportunity to apply the paste on their unmarried cousins and friend. It is said that, whoever gets it haldi all over, will soon get to hear the wedding bells.
During conventional Haldi ceremonies, the gatherers will sing traditional songs accompanied by traditional music instruments. And according to the traditional rules, the bride and groom are not supposed to meet each other, post their respective Haldi ceremonies until the wedding.
Why so much of importance to the Haldi ceremony
Most people believe that applying Haldi on the bride and the groom will ward off the evil. This is also the reason that the bride and groom are not allowed to leave home after Haldi. So the haldi is said to protect both of them from evil during these wedding days.
As per the beliefs, the auspicious yellow is color will bring prosperity in the life of the new couple. From the ancient times, the usage of turmeric as a beauty product for healthy and glowing skin. Not only as a beauty product, due to its antiseptic properties, it also ensures that the couple is protected against any cuts, bruises or ailments before the wedding.
Apart from all the cultural and medicinal side of the function, Haldi ceremony provides the bride and groom relaxation from their obvious nervousness regarding their grand wedding day. Moreover, the presence of friends and dear ones turn out the occasion into a festival. So, it is a good way to relieve the wedding day anxiety and jitters.
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