Friday, 8 April 2016

The Picturesque Beauties of Himachal Pradesh

What is the perfect way to begin a new bond? The answer is very simple; go for a trip with them. Well, in that case we need not say much about the importance of a trip for the newlywed couple. And today we are going to talk about the most romantic places in Himachal Pradesh for your perfect honeymoon.
1.      Shimla
We often tell people that when you are in search of the best honeymoon destination, before booking an abroad trip, do not forget to research about your own country. India has an enormous amount of breathtaking places both crowded and secluded. Well, Shimla falls under the crowded category as it is the capital city of the state. But it is also known as a honeymooners’ paradise for the obvious reasons. The beautiful hill station should definitely be on your bucket list.
2.      Manali
If you are a regular Bollywood follower, then you would surely know that Manali is spectacular and adventurous. The snowy hill station is famous among couples and few adventure seekers. Manali is the famous place for skiing in the country. The beautiful mountain terrains of this place are simply amazing.
3.      Dalhousie
Dalhousie is a place which is beyond words.  The colonial charm of the place is going to be a different experience for the newlywed. The place is named after the British Governor General Lord Dalhousie. This is a comparatively less crowded area as there is not much scope for any activity in this place. The beauty of this place is the magic of nature and picturesque view like Chamba Valley that it provides to its visitors. 
4.      Kullu
Kullu Valley is another magnificent location in Himachal Pradesh, which attracts more and more tourists every year. Known as the perfect summer escape, Kullu is a place to be visited once in your lifetime. The entire valley is accompanied by the Beas River. The apple orchards of Kullu Valley are without doubt a wonderful place for romance.
5.      Chamba
After Manali, you may find the crowd of tourists in Chamba. Though it attracts a lot of tourists, the natural beauty of this place is still the name; thanks to the caretakers of this place. And this could be the reason that whoever visits Himachal, never leaves without a trip to Chamba. At Chamba Valley, you can experience nature in its purest form. A must visit place for all the newlywed couples.
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